This website is the result of my research on what works for scars. I had to do research because the medical staff in the hospital (I was in a few years ago) didn’t really know how to optimally treat my scars. Nor did my doctor or even the dermatologists I visited.

Not about topical agents such as creams or patches, let alone about nutritional supplements. Don’t get me wrong here, they all had some advice to give to me but that turned out to be useless and not grounded in scientific evidence.

I finally learned that a few over-the-counter remedies can improve the appearance of scars but that most are a waste of money and time.

Since there’s still so much ignorance about it I decided to share what I learned with others. My knowledge is focused on red, raised, and surgical scars mostly. But over time I did learn a thing or two about other types of scars as well. I make effort to add links to studies and clinical trials in my posts where possible.

Don’t hesitate to ask me any question or concern you are dealing with. I might not be able to answer them all because sometimes a professional medical practitioner should be consulted but we can learn from each other by sharing our thoughts and experiences.

beas (Tim van Lint)

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